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If you click here we explain how to advance in Episode

Video games are characterized by following a line and the game tries to raise levels overcoming hundreds of tests whatever the theme of the game is always present and you as part of the game the most you can get is to choose the character with the What else you identify, in Episode the whole story you create yourself and with the great encouragement that millions of people can read your story and play it your way.

Once you are writing your own story for Episode you will need gems and passes to move on and put more elements to the story and the characters, even if you want to put new characters you must spend your gems, not always get the gems is easy task , and if you choose to buy them you will spend a lot of money, although it is hard to believe that there is a tool that allows you to obtain as many gems as you need completely free click here and you will see how to make the story you are creating continue with as many characters and elements as you want.
Each chapter of Episode requires great investments of gems and we do not always have them available, do not risk to stay without passes or gems in the most culminating part of the story, when the outcome is near or a new adventure is approaching for the participants in you will find a way to get free gems, either by obtaining them from another player or using any of the tricks they show you.
There is no possibility of virus risk for your phone and with the speed of delivery that the inspiration of the story requires, imagine having to wait for hours for the gems to arrive so that your protagonist finally receives that long-awaited kiss from his lover, not it is possible to wait so much for an immediate delivery visit here and after following some simple instructions you will be enjoying the benefits of these tricks in the development of the story.

April 16, 2019