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Is it safe to use PBN as your search engine optimization technique?

Well, there is a great confusion over the internet about this topic. Some say that this is good to use and some talk about the negativity that is derived from using such black hat strategies. In my point of view, it is not wrong to use such a service until you are producing information on the internet in the right way. It can be regarded as a marketing technique and people are rapidly getting success through this technique. In private blog network service you start a blog and add a lot of more blogs of the same niche, these are usually started at expired domains having good credit worthiness. This is how a network is formed and you maintain that network for your clients of the same niche, this is a good way to promote business or your own money website through other sites or blogs of the same kind. However, problem arises when you start leaving the obvious foot prints. This is the thing that should be avoided otherwise things would start worsen for you and you might end up in having nothing in your hands because all your blogs could be deindexed from Google platform once found!

Why people are still relying on PBN?
It is a question that pops up in the mind of every user that why people are still using 21pbn service? Answer is relatively simple, they know how they are doing their work and only those PBN service providers have stayed in the market who know the tricks to avoid being trapped. This is why they are still operating and helping people to get the desired results in shorter span of time as compared to others. They know how to save themselves from the Google crawler and how to get things done in the most professional way.

July 11, 2019