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Orlin Aleksiev, efficient management

For many political leaders, investment in knowledge, in the development of the educational platform plays a very important role, but it is not always easy to understand how different resources are managed with production efficiency.

Public investment in education has been increasing as a percentage of gross domestic products, but the most important thing is that it can be done in an equitable efficient way in order to achieve educational objectives.
Without these two characteristics, there is only one expense in education instead of an investment. It is important to include all levels of education, including research and development projects, including ancillary services.

According to the Municipal Councilor of Sofia Orlin Aleksiev, during his exercise, some investment plans and projects have been carried out to improve the educational infrastructure in the city to increase educational efficiency.
He is convinced that only a society with educational advantages can advance and remain at the forefront of all the advances worldwide.

The investment of resources resulting from the sale of the municipal bank has been used to upgrade all basic services of buildings and houses of educational institutions, with insulation and heating systems, replacement of carpentry and much more, which has served to transform favorable conditions of these structures.
The management of Orlin Aleksiev (Орлин Алексиев) as a councilor has also been accompanied by his presidency in the Board of Directors, and has managed to materialize some projects in which he has directed the funds for the construction of 7 new gardens, schools with air-conditioned gyms, remodeling, and additional classrooms, dining rooms, as well as the construction of residential complexes for many young families.

Orlin Aleksiev has managed to efficiently manage the funds and resources to strengthen the development of educational infrastructure in the city, this has managed to join other regions that have made significant progress in the entire educational platform to move towards a modern society.

July 1, 2019